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Lambo may follow luxury-sedan trend

Automotive News reports on Lamborghini's product plans.


Automotive News

Lamborghini executives are considering a leap into luxury sedans.

After all, other prestige brands are trying it. The sporty Porsche Panamera sedan goes on sale soon, and the luxurious Aston Martin Rapide will reach dealer lots next year.

Lamborghini is looking at an all-wheel-drive, four-door sedan based on the V-10 Estoque concept it introduced last year at the Paris auto show. But so far there are no plans for a production model.

Here is a look at Lamborghini's product plans.

Gallardo: No major changes planned.

Lamborghini Estoque concept
Lamborghini showed the Estoque concept sedan at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Murcielago: The two-passenger coupe is scheduled to be redesigned in 2012. Expect Lamborghini to stick with a V-12 engine despite Europe's tightening of carbon dioxide regulations for 2012.

Reventon: The $1.6 million Reventon convertible debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt show. Lamborghini plans to build 15 in 2010. The all-wheel-drive Reventon is powered by a 6.5-liter V-12 engine with more than 650 horsepower. Lamborghini promises 0-to-60 mph acceleration in just more than 3 seconds.

Estoque: Lambo officials have denied they are working on a production version of the four-door sedan based on the Paris concept car, but say the segment holds promise.

(Source: Automotive News)