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LA Auto Show, here we come!

The Car Tech crew hits the road en route to the 2009 LA Auto Show.

2010 Lincoln MKS
Our chariot awaits... Antuan Goodwin/CNET

The time has come for the Car Tech crew to load up a car--this year, we're taking a loaded 2010 Lincoln MKS--and make the trek down to the City of Angels for the 2009 LA Auto Show. As any lover of cars can tell you, the journey is half of the fun and some of the best stories can come out of a good road trip.

With that in mind, we'll be tweeting our journey and sharing photos along the way. Keep in the loop by popping over to the CNET River and selecting Wayne Cunningham or Antuan Goodwin from the right column or follow us on Twitter. We're @waynec_sf and @antgoo, respectively.