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Kyle Busch fouls at Martinsville

This web video and blog deals with a conception that modern day NASCAR fans need a villain, and how Kyle Busch may just be that man.

I was reading some news at the other day when I found an interesting article regarding how Nascar needs a new "villain" or "man in black" (as they called it) for the current millennium. The author of the article wrote that having not just heroes and fan favorites is good for putting asses in the seats at Nascar events, but also that Nascar fans need a someone to boo just as badly. The writer's logic isn't all that different from the necessity of having "good guys" and "bad guys" in pro wrestling (which, as a sweeping generalization, is often times the same audience as people who go to Nascar events). And just like in pro wrestling, fans making noise (positive or negative) is the most important thing to create excitement and energy at a live event.

The writer suggests that this modern day Nascar "bad guy" might be Kyle Busch, although he seems reluctant to own such a title. But there is some evidence of Busch acting like a poor sport, as is evidenced in this video I've included today where Busch (No. 51) comes upon a lap in the pit lane and accidentally crosses the white line (which in Nascar rules means that if you cross the white line, you have to make a pit stop). Apparently, this isn't what Busch had in mind and the result is Busch going out of contention in this race. Busch stops his truck, and then walks against oncoming traffic and throws himself physically out of the arena before the race is even over. Cute stuff, but I'm sure this isn't the first or last time some driver has thrown a tantrum over something like this.