Koenigsegg destroys a Regera hypercar and films it for 'science'

To mark reaching one million followers, Koenigsegg releases torture test footage on Instagram.

Kyle Hyatt Former news and features editor
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Kyle Hyatt
Josh Miller

What's crazier than a 1500 horsepower hypercar with three electric motors and no traditional transmission? How about crash and torture testing one and releasing the footage?

To celebrate hitting one million followers on Instagram (seriously, how did it take this long?) Swedish hypercar manufacturer published videos showing the incredible Regera being crash tested along with a bunch of Norsemen going full Hostel on it to prove the durability of its construction.

We have reasonably strong stomachs for this kind of thing, but when they start smashing the bumpers with a hammer, even we had to look away. But then, miraculously, the bumper seems to be unharmed after. Ditto when they jump curbs in a car that was sold for $1.9 million.

Even today, after having been around for a few years, hybrid hypercars are somewhat polarizing in the enthusiast community. The use of battery power and electric motors makes things like true torque vectoring and torque-fill on otherwise high-strung engines (we're looking at you AMG Project One) possible but it also makes cars much heavier and more complex than many people think they should be.

At the end of the day, if the Regera is an indication of where cars are going in the near future with ludicrously strong carbon fiber bodies and mind-boggling power and torque figures, then we'd like to welcome our new Swedish overlords.