Watch Koenigsegg beat the hell out of a $3 million car over and over

The tiny Swedish hypercar manufacturer can't afford to crash test lots of cars, so it crashes one car a lot.

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Kyle Hyatt

Way back in December of 2017, Koenigsegg put a video on its Instagram account of its Regera hypercar undergoing destructive testing. It was painful to watch, but also totally fascinating and if you're like us, you probably wanted to see more of how such a small company does all of its crash testing.

The folks from Apex One were curious too, so they went to Angelholm and found out. Thankfully they also filmed it, and the footage they captured is amazing.

See, Koenigsegg only makes around 60 cars per year, with each vehicle costing millions of dollars. It simply can't afford to run its crash testing program the way other, larger manufacturers do. So, what it does is something radically different.

Instead of pulling a car off the production line, crashing it for one test, throwing it away and doing it all over again, Koenigsegg rebuilds a single chassis after every test. If that sounds nuts, it kind of is. The fact is, though, that Koenigsegg's carbon-fiber monocoque chassis so strong and well protected by other, less-expensive components that it can be reused in this way.

So, if you've had a rough week, kick back with some headphones and let your rage melt away as you see Swedish men in overalls slamming the doors of a $3 million car like a scorned ex-lover.

You're welcome.

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