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Kia's SEMA concept is an autonomous, posh living room on wheels

What else is there to do when the car drives itself?


Kia is probably not the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about luxury cars. But its Soul First Class concept for the SEMA aftermarket trade show brings the fancy in spades, seeing as how the car will take care of driving duties.

Folks, myself included, joke that full-on self-driving cars will be little more than living rooms on wheels. The Kia Soul First Class concept brings that joke into reality. The interior features two-tone, diamond-stitched leather that spans the interior, including the rear-facing front seats.

There's plenty of tech to keep passengers occupied, since it's a driverless car that completely lacks a steering wheel. A special center console hides two tablets that can be used to control the self-driving concept. If you want a larger screen, Kia shoved a 40-inch flat screen into the car, as well. The car won't actually be autonomous, though -- it's merely a concept, and SEMA concepts tend to get a little pie-in-the-sky.

Complementing the fancy-pants interior is an exterior loaded with LED lighting and some fancy blue paint. Rotiform CCV wheels round out the aesthetic. Kia teased its concept with a quick video that doesn't give too much away. That's fine, though, because we'll be at SEMA in Las Vegas next week to see it in person.