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Kia wants a roadster...but not yet

Kia's chief designer says the company will work on a roadster after its Rondo and Sedona redesigns.

Automotive News

Peter Schreyer, the German styling honcho at Kia who designed the original Audi TT 15 years ago, says his dream of adding a roadster to Kia's lineup must wait at least another year.

Kia first must overhaul the two models in the lineup still not bearing Schreyer's trademark tiger nose grille: the Rondo crossover and Sedona minivan. Those makeovers start next year.

Schreyer wants "some sort of roadster or convertible," but "we have to do our homework and replace our complete product range." Also, he says, "A car like that needs to make money, and this is not so easy."

But the former Audi designer, who took over Kia's global design in 2006, has his heart set on a sporty car and says, "I won't give up until we have one."

(Source: Automotive News)