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Kia to unveil mini MPV concept at Geneva

Kia will reveal an all-new concept car at the Geneva auto show on March 3.

Kia's mystery MPV concept
Kia Motors

Kia has released this teaser image of an upcoming small MPV concept set to be unveiled at the 2009 Geneva auto show in March.

Kia's calling it a "Million Possibilities Vehicle," but we all know that MPV stands for "multipurpose vehicle" or, in plain English, a minivan. Honestly, when did minivan become such a dirty word that automakers just won't let themselves use it?

Since it will be a small MPV, you should try to imagine something about the size and shape of a Mazda Mazda5, but with the styling cues of the Kia Soul,and Kia Koup concepts.

We'll keep you posted with more details and images come available during our coverage of the 2009 Geneva auto show.