Kia boosts Telluride production to 100K per year because it's so darn popular

Overwhelming demand isn't a bad problem to have.

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2020 Kia Telluride
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2020 Kia Telluride

There's a good reason the Telluride is so popular.


The landed at dealerships on a wave of praise from all manner of automotive critics, and it appears consumers are equally smitten with this three-row SUV -- so much so, in fact, that Kia needed to adjust its production.

As first reported by the Korean-language site MotorGraph, Kia is ramping up production of the Telluride SUV in response to consumer demand. After the boost, Kia will produce 100,000 Tellurides per year. The automaker did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Telluride has proven hugely important to Kia's continued success. Sales have been strong, with 2019 delivering more than 58,000 Telluride sales in the US alone. Its best-selling month was November, where dealers pushed more than 6,800 Tellurides out the door.

With numbers staying strong through the beginning of winter, it's likely that this demand will continue along the same path in 2020, hence Kia's decision to get ahead of any possible supply constraints. A Kia spokesperson told Motor1 that the automaker's dealers have a supply of Tellurides that will last seven-to-eight days, which means it's quite the hot ticket.

It didn't hurt that the Telluride had praise heaped upon it from the start. After glowing first drives, in-depth reviews (including Roadshow's) have remained overwhelmingly positive, touting high points like its style, handling and value. The Telluride also won the 2020 North American Utility of the Year award, which should only improve its standing with consumers.

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