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Kia teases 'mischievous' concept car for Frankfurt

Kia released two photos of a concept car it will unveil at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show, and says it suggests a design idea for a future B-segment car.

Kia concept car
Kia will show off its design direction at the Frankfurt auto show with this concept car. Kia

Gearing up for the International Motor Show in Frankfurt next month, automakers are releasing half-lit photos showing a bare portion of the cars they will unveil. Kia merely described its entrant as a B-segment concept and did not release a name.

However, a couple of high-resolution images revealed a few details. The front shot looks like a coupe with a high stance. LED lights up front are a staple of concept cars, but are also making their way into production cars.

Kia's press release calls the car "mischievous" and describes it as having a "clearly robust and substantial yet stylish bodyshape."

The interior shot reveals quite a bit more. Molded seats flow seamlessly over the console, and a unique-looking drive selector points toward the dashboard. Anodized paddle shifters are mounted on a sporty-looking steering wheel.

Icons printed on a row of buttons sticking out from the dashboard suggest that the concept has four-wheel drive. One of the buttons seems to engage descent control, while another looks like it would lock the center differential.

While the details seem intriguing, Kia says it will strictly be a concept car, and only suggests what Kia's designers are thinking of for a new, small production car.

Kia will unveil the concept on September 10 at the Frankfurt auto show.

Kia concept car
One detail revealed by this interior shot is that the concept will have four-wheel drive. Kia