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Kia Mohave Masterpiece concept previews a future off-roading SUV

Kia also showed the smaller Signature crossover concept.

Kia Mohave Masterpiece concept

At the Seoul Motor Show on Wednesday, Kia released two very different concepts hinting at the future of the company's crossovers and SUVs. The first is the Mohave Masterpiece, a boxy off-roader, while the second is a smaller model called the Signature. They're intended to give us an idea as to what Kia SUVs will look like over the next few years, with the models said to inspire the company's future design language.

The Kia Mohave Masterpiece may be intended to go off-roading, with its high ground clearance, bulky proportions, skid plates and running boards, but it also looks plenty flash for the suburbs. The concept wears lots of brushed-metal trim and chrome, with highly stylized LED headlights in the grille and multielement LED taillights.

The Mohave Masterpiece is intended for more rugged use cases.


The name, of course, references the existing Kia Mohave SUV that is sold overseas. The model was briefly offered in the US, under the name Borrego, but only from 2008 through 2010. This concept is clearly intended to show a future version of the Mohave, not only based on the name but also given Kia's statement that the car "hints at how the brand could adapt its latest designs and features for the large off-road SUV segment."

As to whether a new Mohave/Borrego would come to the US, we'll have to wait and see. After all, the model seems like it could overlap with the new Telluride within Kia's American lineup.

The Signature concept previews a production model that'll debut later this year.


Kia's other Seoul introduction is the Signature concept, which is at the other end of the spectrum to the Mohave in both size and purpose. A modern-looking compact crossover with smart lines, Kia says the Signature previews an upcoming model aimed at "young trend-setters." The production model will be revealed later this year.

With ultrathin headlights that connect to Kia's signature "tiger nose" grille design, a beltline that kicks up behind the rear door and abundant brushed-metal trim breaking up its surfaces, the Signature concept is certainly a stylish crossover. There's no word yet on whether the production model is headed to the US, but Kia does say the vehicle is intended for "global markets."

This car builds on an earlier crossover concept that Kia showed in India.