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LeBron can now command his favorite car remotely

Kia's all about balling on a budget, and its top-tier K900 sedan now comes with a few more 21st-century tricks, thanks largely to a new embedded modem.

2016 K900

King James' favorite car learned some newfangled tricks in its new model year. The 2016 Kia K900 luxury sedan now comes equipped with Kia's UVO Luxury Services, which lets vehicle owners manage their vehicles in new ways (new to this automaker, at least). It's packing a few other upgrades, to boot.

At the crux of the new system is an embedded LTE modem. Operating on the Verizon network, the LTE modem allows the car to communicate with its owner remotely. The model will be operational for five years at no cost, at which point a subscription model will likely kick in.

UVO Luxury Services uses this data connection in a variety of ways. Using either an app or a Web portal, K900 owners can remote-start vehicles and set cabin temperatures, set speed or curfew alerts and search for local points of interest using voice recognition. UVO Luxury Services also includes a whole wealth of systems for vehicle diagnostics and roadside assistance.

The 2016 K900 packs a few new features that go beyond connectivity, as well. There's an all-new six-cylinder base engine (alongside the optional eight-cylinder), tweaked exterior aesthetics and new wheel designs.