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Kia might have a German-fighting sports sedan in the works for 2017

Of all outlets, Reuters received the news through mysterious sources.


Reuters provides solid reporting on certain parts of the auto industry, although it's typically limited to top-level business news, recalls and the like. This time, Reuters is stirring the rumor mill with news of a heretofore unheard-of sports sedan.

Citing "two people with direct knowledge of the matter," the news agency claims that production on the sedan will start in 2017. There are also mentions of a rear-wheel drivetrain and a desire to go up against German competition from BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

If Kia does decide to give its future vehicles a sporty bent, it could provide a third arm for sister company Hyundai's plans to cover the globe in Korean vehicles. Recently, the company took two of its luxury offerings -- the Equus and the Genesis sedan -- and moved them to a new brand dedicated solely to luxury vehicles, Genesis. Hyundai would then exist as a middle ground for buyers interested in neither sport nor luxury.

Kia declined to comment at this time. Automakers traditionally shy away from discussing future products before amassing photos, press releases and the like. We usually shy away from even posting rumors, but having the backing of Reuters gives it some solid ground on which to stand.