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Kia teases EV9 electric SUV set for debut this week

Kia's next EV is nearly ready for its reveal.

Kia EV9 concept teaser
Here comes another EV.

Kia hasn't even shipped the first EV6 SUVs to customers, but here comes the EV9. The brand's official Twitter account on Sunday tweeted a teaser for what looks like a larger electric SUV. Also, if the nomenclature follows a sizing chart, this could be a very large vehicle, considering the EV6 is a a midsize SUV measuring 182 inches overall in length.

We can't make out much from the basic outline, but the EV9 will be a boxy thing, unlike the more curvaceous EV6. At least in its profile. Perhaps designers will toss in some more fluid lines, but right now, I get Telluride vibes from this outline, personally.  

This won't be a final production design, however, noting the teaser declares this a "concept" for the EV9. But, it will more than likely preview whatever Kia plans to one day build on one of its assembly lines and sell to car buyers. The debut it set for Nov. 11 at 12:00 a.m. PT, so either stay up late, or catch all the details Thursday morning right here.