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Kia's got another crossover in the works for the Detroit Auto Show

This new concept should also give us our first look at Kia's updated design language.

While it might look gold, this paint is actually green. That's the power of Photoshop for you.


Even though CES is still in full swing, next week marks the beginning of the North American International Auto Show, aka the Detroit Auto Show. And with not every automaker participating in CES, our attention is currently bouncing back and forth between the two. Today, Kia's trying to pull our focus back to Detroit.

The company isn't saying much about its new concept, but it's very clearly a large crossover SUV, one that Kia describes as "premium," so it could very well slot above the Sorento, if it's not actually a replacement for the Sorento.

Even though we can't see much, there are plenty of design-language bits and pieces to pick up on. The fender flares are more pronounced, and the front end seems to shy away from the face that we see on the current Sorento. Out back, the taillights take on a vertical orientation, in contrast to wraparound-style lights featured on many current Kias.

While it's doubtful that the suicide doors will make it to production (I don't hold out much hope for the brilliant paint job, either), we'll be getting up close and personal with this new concept once Detroit kicks off on Monday.