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Kia builds jumbo concept for Chicago

Kia offered a sneak peak at its Cross GT concept ahead of its official unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show.

Kia Cross GT
Kia says this new concept, which looks like a hatchback from the picture, is bigger than its Sorento SUV.

The trend for crossover vehicles grew over the last five years, so it is not surprising that Kia's newest concept, set for an unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show, bears the name Cross GT. The big surprise from this concept is that Kia says it is bigger than the 2014 Sorento.

The Cross GT bears a little resemblance to the concept Kia will unveil at the Geneva auto show. It uses similar slim headlight openings and a hatchback-style body. However, the Cross GT's grille looks more like those on Kia production cars and the roofline extends all the way back to the rear of the car, somewhat like that of the Hyundai Veloster.

The sunroof appears to have an odd circular pattern with geometric openings set around a center window. That sunroof design might be what Kia means when it says the Cross GT was "inspired by nature."

Kia calls the Cross GT a "premium crossover utility vehicle," suggesting an upscale interior. To beat the 2014 Sorento in size, the Cross GT will need to come in at more than that car's 15-foot 4-inch length or 6-foot-2-inch width.

The Kia Cross GT will appear at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, from February 9 through 18.