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Kia partners with Amazon to make EV charger installation simpler

Drivers of Kia plug-ins will be able to buy a charging station through Amazon.

Getting a home charger for your new Soul EV will be a simple online process.


Living with a plug-in hybrid or an electric car is all the easier if you have a high-powered home charging station, and now Kia wants to make it simpler for buyers of its plug-in cars to get such a charger installed. Kia announced Thursday that it's partnering with Amazon to make buying and arranging for installation of a charger as simple as buying anything else online.

Customers can visit to see Level 2 chargers that Kia recommends, while also reading reviews and other info from other buyers. The Amazon interface doesn't simply allow for purchasing the charger, though: shoppers can also use the website to schedule a professional electrician to wire up the charger, too. Customers can complete the whole process before even receiving their new Kia.

The goal: remove one more barrier to adoption of plug-in cars. "Being able to order a Level 2 charger and installation through Amazon further demystifies and simplifies the experience for new Kia EV and PHEV owners," Orth Hedrick, Kia Motor America's director of car planning and telematics, said in a statement.

The tie-up with Amazon comes as Kia's plug-in fleet grows with the addition of the new 2020 Soul EV, which joins the Kia Niro EV, Niro PHEV and Optima PHEV. It follows an earlier announcement, in September 2018, that Audi E-Tron buyers would also be able to buy and schedule the installation of EV chargers through Amazon.