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Kevin Rose leaks Tesla Model S pics via Twitter

On Thursday morning via a tweet, the co-founder reveals interior and exterior photos of the upcoming all-electric sedan. It's a few hours ahead of the official release.

Tesla Model S
View more leaked photos of the Tesla Model S on Flickr. Tesla Motors co-founder Kevin Rose has a bit of a penchant for being uncannily accurate with his Apple predictions. Is it possible that he now has some sort of inside information on Tesla Motors' upcoming Model S electric sedan?

Via Twitter, Rose announced, "someone leaked me some Tesla Model S (electric car) pics, seems to have a huge touch-screen display."

Rose finishes his post with a link to his Flickr page containing photos of the interior and exterior, including the aforementioned "huge touch screen" (which I must say is a bit of an understatement; that thing is MASSIVE).

With the Model S launching on Thursday, he's got at best a few hours' head start on the official release, but an early look is an early look, so pop over and take a peek.

Note: Rose's Flickr photo set for the Model S has been set to private, but we've reposted the images below.