Car Culture

Ken Block's Gymkhana 9 is a badass return to form

Fewer gimmicks and some properly prodigious car control.

Some of Ken Block's recent Gymkhana videos have been a little on the campy side, but his latest, Gymkhana 9, is an old-school tire burner.

The videos are typically several-minutes long and devoted entirely to tire smoke, rev limiters and ridiculous car control. This one is set in something the video calls a "raw industrial playground." And that's really what it is -- lots of empty buildings, lots overgrown with weeds, and streets that are thankfully empty (it's a closed course, natch). There's nothing separating Block from a wreck other than his hands and feet.

As I mentioned, this one is delightfully gimmick-free, focusing largely on smoky drifts and concentric circles around barrels and other objects (even a new Ford Raptor, dangling from a helicopter). There's also a freight train involved. I won't spoil the whole thing for you -- take a gander below and remember, if you try this at home, you'll probably end up on fire in a ditch.