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Kelley Blue Book's 'Best Resale Value' award winners are all trucks, SUVs

One German automaker snuck into a field filled with American and Japanese vehicles.

2019 GMC Sierra AT4
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that, as buyers keep moving toward trucks and SUVs, the resale value of lightly used trucks and SUVs will likely rise. But it's still surprising that these two segments dominated Kelley Blue Book's top-10 list of future resale values.

Kelley Blue Book recently published its Best Resale Value awards for the 2019 model year. All 10 vehicles in the top 10 for resale value are trucks and SUVs -- there are no sedans to speak of whatsoever. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma took the top spot, with the 2019 Jeep Wrangler, 2019 Toyota Tundra and 2019 GMC Sierra hot on its heels. You can check out the full list in the gallery at the bottom of this article.

There's even a Porsche in the mix. The 2019 Porsche Macan took the No. 10 spot on the list. While that might seem odd, it really isn't -- Porsche took home KBB's award for being the luxury brand with the best resale value (Toyota won the mass-market category). It's the third year Porsche has occupied this slot.


The GMC Sierra beat its less expensive sibling, the Chevy Silverado, by a few points, but they're both on the list.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Thankfully, KBB also breaks its Best Resale Value awards down by segments, so some sedans do end up getting love. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 2019 Honda Civic took home the award in the compact-car segment, but the Legacy beat the august Accord in the mid-size segment. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 won the sports car segment, while the 2019 Audi A7 topped the luxury car segment.

Perhaps the most talked-about sedan at the moment, the Tesla Model 3, won the electric vehicle segment. The Model X was hot on its tail, with the Audi E-Tron taking a respectable third place.

While you might take a pause and wonder how this was all figured out, considering some cars on these lists aren't even on sale yet, there's all sorts of backroom math being done before every car goes on sale -- that's how lease prices and residuals are figured out for the earliest buyers.

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