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Kart Racing Lives at Infineon Raceway

Our look at the different types of motor racing taking place at Infineon Raceway continues with a thrilling first-hand view of kart racing on this historic track.


As I alluded to in my previous blog, Infineon Raceway plays host to a variety of auto racing events. Today's video blog will take a gander at the sport of go-kart racing, and its place at the famous race track in Sonoma, California.

Kart racing of all competition, skill and age levels have taken place at Infineon over the years, and the track occasionally hosts multiple go-kart events per week during its peak season. Kart racing has a deceptively loyal following and fanbase that makes it possible for so many organizations and events to exist, and their dedication to the craft deserves at least a modicum of auto and racing enthusiasts' attention.

This neat little web video clip takes us on a ride with a driver's side view of the twists and turns of Infineon Raceway, buzzing along the storied track in a 125cc shifter kart. While the racing wind, road bumps, and buzzing engine are enjoyable enough, this video also adds in a "real time" map of the track to note what point of the course the driver is at and even notes when the driver applies the brakes to the kart to slow down. Wish I was the one pushing this little sucker down the asphalt - it looks like a helluva good time.