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Karma Revero performance version, new SC2 concept heading to LA Auto Show

The company will debut what it calls the Revero GTS and a followup to the SC1 concept car.

Karma SC2 concept teaser
This looks good so far. Show us more, Karma.

Karma is hoping to turn a page with its latest Revero sedan and the promise of an all-electric future, and it'll pen the next chapter right here in the US.

The startup said on Thursday it has two big debuts coming to the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. The first will be a production car called the Revero GTS. It'll court those looking for more performance, though Karma didn't provide any details surrounding changes to the powertrain, engineering or anything of the like. All we know is it will be the Revero lineup's "performance version."

The standard Revero GT comes with a plug-in hybrid system that involves batteries, electric motors and an internal-combustion engine. While Karma will refer to the car as an electric car, the engine fires up when the batteries run out of juice. From there, the engine powers the electric motors but never actually drives the wheels.

We could see more power from the engine, or perhaps different electric motors to increase power and torque. Yet all of this is just a placeholder, so to speak. Karma wants to actually be totally electric.

It showcased its future with the SC1 Vision concept that debuted earlier this year in China. For LA, it plans to bring a concept called the SC2, which is an "evolution of the dramatic" SC1 Vision. That car was meant to sit as the ideal car in which to cruise down the California coast, with inspiration from racing aircraft from the 1920s and '30s. Honestly, it was a handsome thing and the SC2 may show us something closer to production.

The single teaser image of the SC2 is taken from above, and gives us a look at the car's swooping lines and long horizontal taillight. Other than that, we'll need to wait to see the whole thing because, well, it's a teaser. It's not meant to give the whole thing away. It should, in any case, be a purely electric car like the SC1.

Both debuts will occur on Nov. 19 and we'll be on the ground to catch all the news Karma has to provide.

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