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JVC Mobile Entertainment

JVC announces app mirroring receivers for iPhone 5, MHL-based Androids

The new JVC KW-V50BT and KW-V30BT provide users with a variety of methods to control their favorite automotive apps.

JVC KW-V50BT receiver
JVC Mobile Entertainment

Today, JVC Mobile Entertainment released a slew of in-dash multimedia receivers to its car audio product line-up, two of which will support display mirroring for both iPhone 5 and MHL-based Android smartphones.

MHL (or Mobile High Definition Link) allows users of 7-inch KW-V50BT and the 6.1-inch KW-V30BT multimedia receivers to connect one of more than 120 compatible Android smartphones and devices to mirror and control apps on the dashboard via these receivers' HDMI connections. Likewise, users of Apple's iPhone 5 can also mirror and control their apps via the Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter (which you'll have to purchase separately).

The KW-V50BT and KW-V30BT also support JVC's AppLink mode which gives the receivers dashboard control of 20 apps for iPhone 4 and 4s, including the MotionX-GPS Drive and Waze navigation apps and the audio streaming Pandora and iHeart Radio apps. Siri Eyes-Free mode also allows those iOS owners to take command of their phone's voice command software to initiate calls via Bluetooth, ask for directions, and more.

Android users who don't have an MHL compatible phone can still take advantage of Pandora and iHeartRadio apps via Bluetooth, taking advantage of the apps' station selection, play, pause, and new custom station creation from the receiver's controls over the wireless connection.

The JVC KW-V30BT and KW-V50BT will ship in March and April of this year, respectively, at a suggested retail prices of $529.95 and $599.95 each.