Just how good are Tesla's Easter egg Atari emulations?

Norm and Jeremy from Tested run through most of the available games in a Model 3 and even have fun adapting controllers to work with the car.

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Kyle Hyatt

Tesla owners love Easter eggs, and one of the more popular ones to come out featured the ability to play Atari games on your vehicle's center screen. A car's controls, even a touchscreen, aren't necessarily ideal for gaming, so the folks from Tested figured out a way to rig up both an Xbox controller and an original Atari 2600 controller to a in a video released on Monday.

Norm and Jeremy from Tested were also curious how good Tesla's Atari emulations were, so they fired up everything from Asteroids and Lunar Lander to Millipedes and Pole Position . What did they think?

Well, they seemed impressed. Some of the integrations with the Tesla's controls are better than others. For example, maneuvering and firing in Asteroids seemed more difficult with the steering wheel, while the steering wheel and brake pedal controls on Pole Position were a natural fit.

The small device that Jeremy created to turn outputs from the Atari joystick into the Xcode that the Model 3 can understand worked well, and he posted his designs to Github, so you enterprising nerds can make your own adapter for the ancient controller of your choice.

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