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Juan Pablo Montoya's tricks at the track...maybe

For the final installment of this week's trilogy of Dodge & NASCAR inspired mayhem, I present to viewers a video that may or may not feature NASCAR star Juan Pablo Montoya doing tricks at an undisclosed race track.


In the world of web video, sources are often secretive and credibility could be dubious. According to YouTube, this web video comes courtesy of Team Santiago Cars, which I gather is a car customization company based out of Chile, though it was hard to confirm much of anything on Team Santiago as there's scant information about them online and the fact that I can't read Spanish doesn't help in this department either.

Despite their relative anonymity, Team Santiago does have a profile on YouTube and a series of car-related video online, including today's clip that featuring a 810 hp Dodge Charger that resembles the NASCAR "Car of Today" model skidding, doing donuts, and smokin' up the asphalt at an undisclosed location. The part I find really dubious about this video is the title tag put on the video: Dodge Charger Nascar Juan Pablo Montoya. When I first clicked opened the clip and saw what looked to be a legit NASCAR vehicle doing tricks for the fans, I thought it was nice seeing an auto racing star like Juan Pablo Montoya performing for a relatively small audience seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But then something caught my eye - the car in the video features the number 41 on its doors. I looked it up, and JPM's car number is 42, not 41. I'm not saying just because the car numbers are different that JPM wasn't the one behind the wheel as it could very well be him. But factoring in the secrecy and lack of information on Team Santiago Cars Producciones or Montoya's affiliation with the company in any way, I speculate that there's an impostor at the wheel or that Team Santiago put his name on the title just to get hits on their page. Regardless, I love watching car tricks under a setting sun, and I thought this was a fun and easy way to end the work week.