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Juan Pablo Montoya vs. Kevin Harvick: Crash and Fight!

Whether or not we like to admit it, we all like web video of car crashes and fights. Here we got two NASCAR superstars duking it out after a nasty collision.


For some reason, spectators and Web video watchers love an exciting car crash, or to watch two celebrities getting in fights. Well today you're gonna get two for the price of one as we watch Nascar stars Kevin Harvick and Juan Pablo Montoya get in a scuffle after a crash on the track back in 2007.

On lap 72, it appears that JPM gets bumped and in turn collides with Harvick, sending their cars spinning. Not surprisingly, neither driver takes kindly to the accident, and some (probably) heated words get exchanged, and soon enough helmets are being grabbed and pushing ensues. Unfortunately for us viewers, the would-be fight gets broken up before any serious physicality takes place. Regardless, this is still pretty fun (especially a postfight interview where Harvick claims he woulda kicked Montoya's ass). I know this is only tangentially related to this blog's specialty, but it's a detour I felt could add a little humor into the middle of a sluggish work week.