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Juan Pablo Montoya sets Track Record for Qualifying

Even though he didn't win this past Sunday in the first NASCAR Chase race, Montoya did set a track record when pole qualifying prior to the Sylvania 300. If you didn't get to see it, here's the video.


Former Formula 1 driver and current NASCAR star Juan Pablo Montoya has been attracting a lot of attention lately. He seems to have ruffled a few feathers of NASCAR fans from his interview following his 3rd place finish this past Sunday at the first installment of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase race where he talks about his will to play nasty with this Sunday's race winner Mark Martin. But a better reason for Montoya to be getting so much press is the way he qualified for the Chase race in New Hampshire, where he not only succeeded in achieving the time to beat for pole position, but also set a new track record in qualifying for a Chase race.

This video is a clip showing JPM in action qualifying for the Sylvania 300 race where he set the time to beat at 28.545 (133.431 mph), which only Tony Stewart came close to matching (Stewart's time clocked in at roughly 132 mph). Even though Montoya's the only one on the track to compare to, the speed and velocity at which he's running at is quite noticeable to the eye, even on this shoddy web video. Apparently in the process Montoya also set a new track record at New Hampshire Motor Speedway...not a bad feat for a young NASCAR whipper-snapper. Between this and his performance at the Sylvania 300, JPM can clearly be considered a top contender in NASCAR.