Join us for a 360 show floor tour of the 2016 Paris Motor Show

Can't make it to France for this year's show? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Tim Stevens Former editor at large for CNET Cars
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Tim Stevens

Paris is a lovely place and, once every two years, it becomes the destination for some of the world's most beautiful cars. It's Paris Motor Show season and this year there's no shortage of lovely machines to ogle. Lucky for you, we brought our 360 camera along. First up, it's Ferrari, which is marking the debut of the topless LaFerrari Aperta and the RWD, turbocharged GTC4Lusso T.

Ferraris are always lovely to see, but believe it or not it might just be the Renault Trezor that takes the cake as the most lovely car on the show floor.

But the Trezor isn't the only concept here. Oh no. Volkswagen has a pretty good one, too, though it seems a little more close to reality.

And stable-mate Audi had no shortage of amazing machines to show as well.

And finally, for a bit more forbidden-fruit that we can't get in the US, have a look at the latest on-offer from Citroen.