John Deere debuts one-handed, 30-second oil change system

The tractor manufacturer is offering Easy Change prefilled oil filters for certain lawn tractors to ease maintenance for inexperienced and laissez-faire owners.

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Kyle Hyatt
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John Deere

Oil changes suck. They're messy and time-consuming, and as a result, many people just avoid doing them, to the detriment of their machine's longevity. John Deere (you know, the green-and-yellow trucker-hat brand) thinks it has a solution to this, for lawn tractors at least, with its Easy Change 30-second oil change system.

A 30-second oil change sounds terrific, in theory, but as they say, there's no such thing as free lunch. The John Deere Easy Change system only replaces around 0.8 quarts of oil --which is about half of the capacity of most of the models for which Easy Change is available-- when you spin on the new pre-filled filter.

One of the cool things about the Easy Change system is that it is designed so that you can't overfill the system by changing the pre-filled filter. You always remove the same amount that you add, which is nice because it alleviates one of the big challenges of changing oil for someone unfamiliar with the process. John Deere still advises owners to periodically check the oil level in the engine and top up if necessary though, just like in a car. 

"Our main priority is to provide an easy and hassle-free experience for owners to maintain their lawn tractors," said Kirk Eisenbeis, product marketing manager for John Deere. "The ability to change oil easily, quickly, and without a mess is really appealing to people who don't have traditional oil change experience."

While this system couldn't really work for cars in the same way due to their vastly increased oil capacities, it is an interesting idea for power sports such as motorcycles or ATVs. The system would be great for scooters especially, which have oil capacities more in-line with the systems for which Easy Change was envisioned and also increased mileage over a lawn tractor, requiring more frequent service.

Updated 3/21: Clarified language surrounding the possibility for overfilling the system by using Easy Change.