Jimmie Johnson's Famous Crash at Watkins Glen

Don't blink - you might miss it! Vintage footage of current NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson during his pre-Sprint Cup days in one of the most vicious crashes in auto racing history.

Auto Tech

So far this week, we've been checking out Jimmie Johnson and his winning ways during this year's Sprint Cup season. Well, there have been times in Jimmie's career wasn't as much of a winner. In this relic of a video I've featured today, Johnson was lucky to make it out of this alive after losing control of his car and crashing into a wall.

Prior to his career as a Sprint Cup driver, Jimmy raced in NASCAR's Busch Series. During a race at Watkins Glen in New York during the 2000 season, Johnson loses control of his car, sending him off-track at basically full speed until he finally hits the Styrofoam wall guardrail. Amazingly, Johnson seems to get out of the vehicle with nary a scratch and salutes the crowd to let him know he's OK. Not sure what caused this unfortunate accident, but luckily Jimmie gets to live to race another day.

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