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Jimmie Johnson wins again at Autism Speaks 400

The final clip for this week's celebration of Jimmie Johnson wins we get the thrilling conclusion of the 2009 Autism Speaks 400 when Johnson came from behind to squeak out a win over Tony Stewart.


So far this week we've seen highlights from the so-far successful 2009 season for NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart, specifically his first and third wins. Today we fill in the missing link - namely his second win of the season during the Autism Speaks 400 at Dover International Speedway on May 31,2009 (a race that also helps raise funds for Autism research...a very worthy car.

This clip begins after Johnson suffers a setback that sends him to pit row and causes him to lose his solid leading spot in the race. But soon Johnson maneuvers himself from the number 8 spot to running neck-and-neck with then race leader Tony Stewart around the 1:50 mark. Then finally, Johnson makes his move and pulls away from Stewart to take over first place and eventually gets the checkered flag. Time will only tell if Jimmie Johnson will continue his winning ways toward the conclusion of the 2009 Sprint Cup series.