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Jeremy Clarkson voices TomTom satnav

The outspoken Top Gear presenter has lent his distinctive voice to TomTom sat-navs.

Fancy going on a drive with Jeremy Clarkson? Now you can: the long-serving Top Gear presenter, motoring columnist and walking opinion-machine in high blue jeans has lent his distinctive voice to TomTom sat-navs.

Let's hope he'll provide directions in a timely manner without the famous mid-sentence pause. You wouldn't want to miss a turning because Clarkson wanted to emphasise... the end of a sentence.

Lord alone knows the mouthful of abuse you could get from the notoriously mouthy presenter if you do go the wrong way. Should you miss a turning, the Clarkson-nav exclaims, "Turn right. You missed it! For the love of...!"

He also advises handbrake turns rather than U-turns. That won't go down well with road safety groups, we imagine.

It represents a change of direction for Clarkson, who has long been a critic of sat-navs. For more Top Gear action, you can now watch the show -- as well as the other BBC moneyspinner, Doctor Who -- on Facebook.

The sat-nav will also feature a Stig mode, 'voiced' by Top Gear's enigmatic white-clad tame racing driver. Fellow Top Gear presenters Richard Hammond and James May are reported to also be in talks to lend their own voices to a sat-nav, but who'd want to be given directions by people nicknamed 'The Hamster' or 'Captain Slow'?

Other sat-nav voices include the legendary Brian Blessed -- who wants "sat-nav on the Moon!" -- click here for our suitably shouty interview with the Flash Gordon star.

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