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Jensen launches NVX3000PC in-car PC

An in-car GPS device that can be used as a PC


There is a lots of talk these days about computers in cars, but it mostly refers to the technology in the vehicle's drivetrain, GPS navigation device, or active safety systems. When are we going to see a real computer in the car, you ask: one that can browse the Web, edit Word docs, and perform all the functions of a desktop. Jensen has an answer to that question with the NVX3000PC, on show at SEMA 2007. The portable device has a 7-inch touch-screen display and comes with a Windows Vista operating system, a 30GB internal hard drive, an integrated Wi-Fi modem, and a 1GHz Via processor. A sync port cable enables it to be connected to desktop and notebook PCs.

The NVX3000PC also comes with a built-in GPS navigation system, and the ability to play video and audio digital media via its two USB ports, and 2GB SD card slot. Audio for navigation and music files can be played out through its built-in speaker or streamed to the car's speakers, thanks to an integrated FM transmitter. For in-car use, the NVX3000PC comes with a mount, which enables it to be positioned like an aftermarket in-dash GPS device. Look out for it to hit the shelves shortly with an MSRP of $1,500.