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Jeep's ready to show something special at Easter Jeep Safari 2017

As it does every year, the automaker has some unique concepts lined up for its annual off-road pilgrimage.

The Jeep® Quicksand is one of several new concepts the Jeep® and Mopar brands have created for the 51st Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, next month.

The Easter Jeep Safari enters its 51st year, and while that isn't a special number, it's not stopping Jeep from bringing some very special concepts.

This year, Jeep has teased two of its concepts ahead of time -- the Switchback (below) and the Quicksand (above, with the headline). More will arrive with these two, but Jeep doesn't want to ruin the whole surprise.

I know Jeeps are supposed to be hardcore and all, but I don't think going forward from here is a good idea whatsoever.


The Quicksand looks like it's built for some dune-blasting action, if you claim you've looked at something that's little more than a very dark sketch, with a front wheel that seems obscenely far away from the rest of the vehicle and a proper roll cage behind the front row.

The Switchback looks more like a proper safari vehicle, with only safari bars in place of its doors, and a top over the cargo area that looks like it should be easily removed. Jeep's concept names aren't exactly hiding anything.

Last year, it rolled out some wild concepts at its 50th Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. It had modern takes on classics, a forward-cab truck atop a modern Wrangler chassis, and even a Wrangler with a freaking 707-horsepower Hellcat engine. You can take a look at last year's concepts below while you wait to see what Jeep has in store for 2017.