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Jeep brings its Gorilla Glass windshields to JL Wrangler and Gladiator

Now you won't have to do your Jeep Wave through a spidered windshield!

Jeep Gladiator Texas Trail
Tough truck, tougher windshield.

Jeeps -- Wranglers and Gladiators, in particular -- get subjected to some nasty conditions, and as a result, Jeep has offered supertough Gorilla Glass windshields as replacement parts on previous generations. In an announcement Monday, Jeep confirmed it would do the same on the current generation.

Why would Gorilla Glass be good for a windshield? Well, it's the same stuff that your phone is probably made of, and think about how many opportunities for scratches and breakage that thing sees in a day and how many of them it resists. Get the picture?

The Gorilla Glass windshield also has the benefit of being lighter than the standard safety glass unit that it would replace, and lighter is almost always better, especially in a place like a windshield that's mounted up high.

The replacement windshields are being sold through Mopar and are available from Jeep dealers or through select glass installers.

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