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Jeep unveils Renegade Deserthawk, Altitude ahead of Los Angeles

Credit where it's due, Deserthawk is an awesome name.

I wish every car were called the Deserthawk.


As you read this, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Jeep doesn't have nearly enough Renegade special editions." Jeep was clearly thinking that, too, so it's rolling out two more at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week.

I'll start with the Renegade Deserthawk, because it has the better name. The Deserthawk is, essentially, a limited-production Trailhawk with a desert theme. It has an exclusive paint color (Mojave sand, but of course), black painted wheels, unique body panel decals, rock rails and equipment for trailering.

Since it's a Trailhawk underneath, it's packing a 4x4 system with a low range, 8.7 inches of ground clearance and 8.1 inches of wheel articulation. Cynics may deride it as a 'cute ute' and little else, but as far as cute utes go, this one's damned capable. The Deserthawk will be sold in limited quantities for $28,140, and it comes out in January.

The other special edition on offer is the Renegade Altitude. This one's name doesn't make as much sense, unless you consider that an all-black motif represents the darkness of space, which doesn't start until very high altitudes. But that's a big ol' stretch, isn't it?

The Renegade Altitude is based on the Renegade Latitude, so maybe Jeep ran out of letters and just swapped a couple around. Aside from the all-black motif, which is very difficult to capture in a photo, this model features metallic accents and a choice of 1.4-liter or 2.4-liter engines. Altitude will set a buyer back $22,390 when it hits dealers later in November.

Probably best to avoid parking this one in the sun on a hot day.