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Jeep unveils 75th-anniversary special editions for its entire lineup

We hope you like green paint!

Jeep 75th Anniversary Editions
From big to small, you can have 'em all ... in various shades of green.

Some special editions come about because automakers have a bunch of fancy seat cloth lying around at the end of the year. Other one-off trims have a less tenuous connection -- take, for example, Jeep's recently announced 75th Anniversary special edition.

To honor nearly a full century of continued existence, Jeep is rolling out a 75th Anniversary edition for every single vehicle it produces. Each will come with its own unique kit, some of which are based on already-existing trim levels.

What these all have in common, though, includes available green paint, bronze wheels and accents, special exterior badging and an exclusive mesh seat fabric. Of course, you don't have to order one in green -- other colors are offered, as well -- but if you're going all-in on the nostalgia, it doesn't hurt to extend that to the paint job.

Of course, these upgrades are going to cost you -- for example, the Patriot's special edition adds $1,430 to the price of the Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4 on which it's based. But that's actually pretty inexpensive, considering it's adding stuff inside and out.

All of Jeep's 75th Anniversary models will go on sale some time in the first quarter of 2016.