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Jeep's third Super Bowl commercial features the Wrangler in an anti-manifesto

Jeep strips it down for its final Super Bowl ad, and goes with an impressive one-shot deal.

If some of Fiat Chrysler's other Super Bowl commercials this year can be accused of overreaching, Jeep's final ad suffers no such hangups. 

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler may offer all kinds of new tech, including its first-ever hybrid powertrain, fresh infotainment, and a stiffer, lighter-weight chassis.

But this 30-second spot doesn't need any of that. This is the Jeep Wrangler whittled down to its essence, resulting in a gloriously simple, yet powerful ad. Two doors, lots of ground clearance, a single camera shot, no music, and a straight-ahead voiceover. 

This ad is as elemental as the vehicle it promotes: No frills, just a good truck and a good time.

Well done, Jeep.