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Jeep's Super Bowl ad is all about the end of the road

You've got to get a little cheesy when you only have 30 seconds.

Not every ad during the Super Bowl needs to be some crazy epic. Jeep had a commercial for the 2019 Cherokee, and it's pretty mild.

The 30-second spot during Super Bowl LII talks about the end of the road -- and how Jeeps aren't really bound by such a constraint. Not only is that a clever little quip, it's true: Jeeps have some of the best out-of-the-box off-road prowess on the market, and many others are significantly more expensive.

The not-too-crazy ad is a good metaphor for the 2019 Cherokee itself. With just a mild refresh focusing on taming its previously wacky looks, the new Cherokee doesn't really mess with the formula all too much.