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Jeep Renegade drives through Olympic white-water rafting course for...reasons

This is one of the strangest "world first" claims we've seen.


Automakers love claiming world-first records. While some have a tangential relation to the industry (the first car to come with semi-autonomous tech as standard, for example), others...don't. Jeep just laid claim as the first automaker to navigate an Olympic white-water rafting course, which is totally weird and doesn't have much to do with cars.

The Jeep Renegade is the off-road brand's littlest ute, but clearly, that lack of physical footprint doesn't correlate to a lack of capability. To prove this, Jeep put an Olympic snowboarder behind the wheel of a very slightly modified Renegade, which the athlete drove up and down the rafting course at the Cardiff International White Water Centre in Wales.

The water doesn't appear too crazy-deep, as it only gets up to the bottom of the Renegade's front fascia. Nevertheless, Jeep added drain holes in the footwells and raised the airbag's ECU by half an inch.

Considering the $18,000 Renegade is far less expensive than Land Rover's immensely capable $65,000 Range Rover Sport, with its 33.5-inch standard fording depth, I can give Jeep a pass on the mods. Although I'm a bit surprised Land Rover didn't try this first.

Jeep White Water Rafting

Hey, at least the pictures turned out great.