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Jeep recalls Grand Cherokee SRT, Trackhawk for dangerous floor mats

The last thing you need is a stuck-open throttle connected to a 707 horsepower V8.

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Thankfully, avoiding the problem is as easy as letting your feet get the carpet dirty.

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Some recalls are just a bit weirder than others. Jeep's latest recall definitely lands on the more interesting side of that spectrum.

Jeep has issued a voluntary recall for 4,822 examples of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk SUVs . Fiat Chrysler, Jeep's parent company, estimates that one third of the recalled vehicles are still at dealerships.

The issue comes from the driver-side floor mat, believe it or not. In the affected vehicles, the floor mat may unintentionally trap the gas pedal. If that happens, lifting one's foot off the accelerator wouldn't correspond to a decrease in speed, and that kind of situation is a safety concern.

Thankfully, Fiat Chrysler said it is unaware of any injuries or collisions stemming from this issue. Furthermore, its vehicles are equipped with brake-throttle override systems that will prioritize the brake over the throttle if both are pushed. Thus, if a driver were to end up in this situation, shoving the brake pedal to the firewall should bring the vehicle to a stop.

The fix is delightfully simple, consisting of a simple floor mat replacement. Fiat Chrysler said it will inform customers when replacement floor mats are ready. In the meantime, the automaker suggests that owners of affected vehicles remove the driver-side floor mat posthaste. Dealerships are currently removing them, too. The recall also covers 11 sets of floor mats that were purchased as accessories.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik!)

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