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Jeep Grand Wagoneer coming Sept. 3

A few new teasers give us a glimpse at Jeep's upcoming flagship

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Jeep Grand Wagoneer teaser

That's "wag" as in "Wagoneer," though judging by the flashy grille, it could also stand for "swagger."


Jeep dropped a pair of teaser images of its upcoming Grand Wagoneer last week, accompanied by a simple message: "Coming Sept. 3." In other words, we know when Jeep will pull the wraps off its long-awaited flagship SUV.

And on Monday, the brand continued to provide another shadowy look at the SUV. In a video published to Twitter, Jeep called the upcoming SUV the "shape of premium." A lovely skyline shot quickly pans out and we see the silhouette of the Grand Wagoneer, which honestly doesn't reveal much at all. It looks like a beefier Grand Cherokee.

The other teasers don't reveal all that much, either. Above, you can see the Jeep's heavily stylized grille, while the second image below shows what appears to be some kind of beautifully detailed dial -- probably for something like drive modes or perhaps an electronic gear selector. Earlier this week, Jeep released an image of the Grand Wagoneer's classy badge.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer teaser

We know the Grand Wagoneer will be a pretty luxurious thing, and earlier reports suggest its price might climb as high as $100,000 all loaded up. A standard Jeep Wagoneer is also expected at some point, which probably won't be as glitzy.

The upcoming Wagoneer models will likely ride on the Ram 1500's chassis, and a plug-in hybrid variant is expected, too. We've heard the new Jeeps will go into production about a year from now. A new, smaller Jeep Grand Cherokee is right around the corner, as well.