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650,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs recalled

The 2011-2014 model-year SUV campaign centers on improperly installed brake booster shields.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling 646,394 examples of its 2011-2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs in the US to inspect brake booster shields. 

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notice, corrosion may develop within the brake booster owing to a water leak, a condition that can limit braking performance. Apparently, shields designed to protect the booster may may have been incorrectly installed during a fix from a previous campaign in 2014. That's right -- this is a recall stemming from a previous recall. 

In an official statement, FCA noted that "A booster compromised by water will still deliver brake function in compliance with US federal safety standards. However, customers may experience excessive brake-pedal firmness." The automaker says that a booster problem telltale could include activation of the vehicle's antilock brakes or illumination of a warning lamp.

Jeep's 2011-2014 Grand Cherokee is being recalled over brake booster shields.


FCA says it is aware of a single accident that may be related to the brake booster shield problem, but notes that the incident in question did not result in any injuries.

Dealerships will inspect vehicles under this campaign and remedy improperly installed shields and/or the boosters themselves as needed, free of charge.

An additional 42,304 vehicles in Canada and 21,139 in Mexico are also affected by this recall campaign.