Jeep Cherokee tackles the trail like no competitor but stumbles on the road (CNET On Cars, Episode 39)

Jeep Cherokee tackles the trail like no competitor but stumbles on the road; we explain CarPlay and look ahead to its challengers; and Top 5 American-made cars.

Brian Cooley Editor at Large
Brian Cooley is CNET's Editor at large and has been with the brand since 1995. He currently focuses on electrification of vehicles but also follows the big trends in smart home, digital healthcare, 5G, the future of food, and augmented & virtual realities. Cooley is a sought after presenter by brands and their agencies when they want to understand how consumers react to new technologies. He has been a regular featured speaker at CES, Cannes Lions, Advertising Week and The PHM HealthFront™. He was born and raised in Silicon Valley when Apple's campus was mostly apricots.
Expertise Automotive technology, smart home, digital health. Credentials
  • 5G Technician, ETA International
Brian Cooley


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In this episode:

  • On the Road: New Jeep Cherokee leaves Brian Cooley wishing for a better drive
  • Smarter Driver: Rear cams become law, here's how and why
  • Car Tech 101: Apple CarPlay and the competitors coming after it
  • Top 5: American made cars (and what a slippery definition that is!)
  • Email: Why do concept cars tease us so cruelly?

And here's a (overdue) list of some of the apps we featured in our recent Top 5 Apps for Driving:

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