Jeep introduces 4xe badge for electrified models

Every single Jeep will offer an electrified powertrain come 2022.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Jeep 4xe logo

Where rugged and electrified meet: 4xe.


Jeep will use CES 2020 to make quite a splash for the brand. Ahead of the show in less than a week, the brand said on Thursday that it will show three plug-in hybrid Jeep models and unveiled the badge for its electrified models. Drum roll please: "4xe."

The "e" obviously denotes the electrified powertrain, which Jeep promised will create better vehicles overall with more torque and instant acceleration. The company also talked a lot about totally electric Jeeps of the future, but didn't mention any concrete news at the moment. Clearly, that's the path Jeep is on, however.

Speaking of the path, every single Jeep model will offer an electrified powertrain come 2022. Keep in mind, "electrified" is a fancy catch-all term that includes mild hybrids , standard hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure battery-electric vehicles. So no, Jeep won't only sell electric vehicles in two years.

The party will kick off with the Wrangler, Compass and Renegade plug-in hybrid models, but Jeep wasn't ready to dish out specifics. We do know, however, when we'll see each of them. The Wrangler with a plug will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the Compass plug-in will arrive at the New York Auto Show and the Renegade plug-in is planned for a Beijing Motor Show debut this year.

The pivot toward electrified models encompasses Jeep's latest goal to be the leader in eco-friendly technology, according to the announcement. We'll have more information on the new 4xe models as we descend on Las Vegas to take in all that CES has to offer. Stay tuned.

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