Even pro racers are bad drivers when they're drunk

You're not a pro driver, which means you're probably even worse than this, so why risk it?

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

No matter how many times we've said it's the dumbest thing a person can possibly do, people still drink and get behind the wheel. Maybe this new video involving racing drivers will help convince some holdouts that driving under the influence is super stupid.

The video above has a pretty simple premise -- get a racing driver drunk and see if he, a person who is paid handsomely to drive as well as possible, can still navigate a car around a track.

Anyone with half a brain can figure out how this video turns out. After consuming even just a couple drinks, Tatsuya Kataoka starts messing up his corner entries and doesn't nail his braking points. Things get even weirder once Kataoka starts consuming other types of alcohol, sending his blood-alcohol content further toward the sky -- his last blow is 0.566 mg/L, which is about one and a half times the legal limit in most US states, and more than triple the limit in Japan. Spoiler alert: He doesn't get any better at it.

Kataoka is paid to drive. You are not. Kataoka cannot drive drunk. You cannot either, despite what your chemical-addled brain is telling you at the time. The world today is filled with ways to get your boozed-up tuchus home after a long night, whether it's Uber, Lyft or simply messaging a friend on social media and asking for a ride. Don't risk it.

(Hat tip to the r/cars subreddit!)