The first James Bond No Time to Die trailer has a ton of awesome cars

Daniel Craig's last outing as Bond will feature iconic cars from past movies as well as exciting new ones.

Daniel Golson Former social media editor
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The first trailer for No Time to Die has finally been released, and Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond looks pretty spectacular. It sees the British spy coming out of retirement to battle a new threat, Rami Malek's terrorist character Safin, while confronting old enemies like Christoph Waltz's Blofeld and new faces like Lashana Lynch's Nomi. The trailer shows explosions, interrogations, beautiful landscapes, lots of good fashion and Bond jumping off a bridge.

But I'm not here to analyze the entire trailer (although I very much could do that). I'm just here to talk about the cars that we can see in it. And there are a lot of really good ones.


This is how DB5s should be driven. Minus the damage, of course.


The trailer opens with Bond and Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) driving through the southern Italian city of Matera in the classic, iconic Aston Martin DB5. Well, when I say driving, I mean drifting around while being chased by a motorcycle and a pair of sedans . The whole side of the DB5 is scraped up, so it definitely sees some action -- more on that later. Having just gotten his DB5 back in Spectre after it was blown to pieces in Skyfall, Q can't be too happy that Bond is messing up his classic Aston. Again.


"Are you my Lyft driver?" 

"Is your name James?" 


"All right, get in."

I imagine that's how this goes.


Next up we see a brief shot of Bond taking a sheet off a 1977 , a personal favorite of mine. But we'll come back to that one. Lynch's character Nomi is seen pulling up next to Bond in a brand-new Superleggera, one of two modern Astons that will be featured in the movie. She seems like a total badass and rumor has it she's a 00 agent that might be Bond's replacement at MI6, so the DBS is fitting.


Does anyone else hear A-ha playing? No? Just me?


Back in London, Bond is driving the classic , and we can see that it has the same license plate as the identical Vantage used in the 1987 movie The Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton's first appearance as Bond. It doesn't seem like the Vantage's deployable skis, wheel-mounted lasers, or rocket boosters will be used in this new movie. But I'm holding out hope. And while most likely unimportant to No Time to Die, there are some cool cars in the background, like a two-door van and the new electric London taxi.



In a taste of a chase, we see a SVR flipping off a rock wall while Bond gives chase in a... wait, is that a Prado from the 1990s? In beige? Yup, it totally is. In this scene he seems to be driving with Dr. Swann in the car and they're being tailed by a helicopter, but we can't glean much more from the trailer. It looks like Scotland to me, one of the locations where the movie was filmed.




The final scene of the trailer is back in Matera with Bond in the DB5, where it gets T-boned by a black Range Rover Classic with a brush guard. Ouch. A whole bunch of bad guys then proceed to shoot at the DB5 with machine guns. As you may know, though, Bond's DB5 is bulletproof, because duh. Bond presses a button on the center console, activating a new gadget: Gatling guns that emerge from behind the headlights. Hell yeah. 


Hell yeah.


Bond mashes the accelerator, turns the wheel and does a sick doughnut while wrecking everyone's shit. Sadly, that includes my two favorite cars that are in the trailer. It seems that among the bad guys' fleet of old Range Rovers and new Jaguars, they also have a IV and a Lancia Thesis. Very fitting for bad guys in an Italian city. They aren't prominently featured and are certainly obscure, but I love them all the same. A poor little 126 gets shot to hell, too, and a previous moment shows some Fiat 124 police cars and what looks like a 1950 .

pew pew pew


There are a few cars we know will be featured in the film that weren't shown in this trailer. The new Land Rover Defender is nowhere to be seen, but we know it will be the star of a major chase sequence in the movie alongside some other Land Rover products. (It was filmed in Scotland, so it's probably connected to the Land Cruiser scene in the trailer.) Aston Martin's upcoming Valhalla supercar also isn't shown but has been confirmed to make an appearance in the movie, maybe even in another chase sequence. 

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time to Die opens in April 2020. There's sure to be at least one or two more trailers before then, hopefully with even more car content, so stay tuned.