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Jaguar to offer small sedan and 'spiritual successor' to E-Type

Automotive News reports on Jaguar's model plans through 2014.

Automotive News

Jaguar is expected to add a sports car based on the C-X16 concept shown last month at the Frankfurt auto show. Executives said the car is nearly ready for production.

Work also is under way on a compact sedan, but that car is a few years away from production, Jaguar officials said.

One of Jaguar's disadvantages: its main engine is the 5.0-liter V-8 used in all three models--the XJ, XK, and XF. New engines are in development but are unlikely to arrive for a few years.

Tata Motors, which bought Jaguar from Ford Motor three years ago, is investing $2.45 billion combined annually in Jaguar and sibling division Land Rover over the next five years to develop new products, engines and production facilities.

Compact sedan: Jaguar hasn't offered a small sedan since it axed the Ford Mondeo-based X-Type after the 2008 model year. To get the volume it needs, Jaguar must offer a car priced under $40,000, so a sedan to compete with BMW's 3 series is under development. Jaguar plans to launch the car with a V-6, a four-cylinder turbo, or both. A coupe also is being developed.

The new compact sedan isn't likely to arrive before 2014.

Sports car: The C-X16 concept shown in Frankfurt hints at the production two-seat sports car expected as early as next year. The two-door coupe would compete with the Porsche Boxster. Jaguar calls the car "the spiritual successor to the E-Type" that went on sale 50 years ago.

The concept has a long hood and a short rear overhang. It is powered by a V-6 engine with an unspecified displacement and a plug-in electric motor. The production car likely will have a gasoline engine.

XJ: Redesigned a year ago, the sedan and its long-wheelbase XJL derivative aren't likely to be freshened until 2013.

XF: The sedan received a mild freshening this summer with a new hood, headlamps, grille, and bumpers. The higher-performance XFR got some sportier body pieces to set it apart from the base XF.

Jaguar is working on a long-wheelbase version for China and a station wagon for Europe. Neither is destined for the United States.

The XF likely will be redesigned in 2015. A coupe version is expected and will be sold in the United States.

XK: A redesign of Jaguar's oldest model is expected in 2013.

C-X75: Jaguar plans a production version of the hybrid supercar concept shown at last year's Paris auto show. Production begins in 2013 and ends in 2015. Only 250 cars will be built, priced between $1.2 million and $1.5 million. The car will have plug-in electric motors on the front and rear axles.

Jaguar has not disclosed other power train details for the car, which is being developed with the Williams F1 racing team and will use a lightweight carbon-fiber chassis. The car is expected to have a top speed of more than 200 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

(Source: Automotive News)