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Jaguar to build only all-electric cars by 2025

The luxury brand will move away from gas and hybrid models completely, while its Land Rover division will shift more gradually.

Chris Paukert/CNET

Jaguar is moving away from combustion engines in the next few years and will build only all-electric vehicles by 2025, the British carmaker said Monday. Its Land Rover brand will change more slowly, with the first all-electric model coming in 2024.

Land Rover will unveil six all-electric vehicles by 2025, and said it'll sell 60% of its cars in that form by 2030. The company is aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2039, and Bloomberg reported that it'll invest around $3.5 billion a year into electrification and related technologies.

Currently, the I-Pace SUV is the company's only fully electric vehicle, but Bloomberg noted that it's struggled to compete against other manufacturers' electric vehicles.

Last November, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to ban sales of diesel and petrol cars in the country from 2030.