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Jaguar Land Rover reveals a steering wheel right out of Tron

Talk about a multi-functional steering wheel, this futuristic version has so much more than volume control buttons.


We all know autonomous vehicles are in our future. Manufacturers like Tesla, GM and Volvo are all pushing their semi-autonomous features while tech companies such as Google, and Samsung, along with startups such as, are racing to build some kind of self-driving car system. The technology will be safer and grant more folks more mobility.

Jaguar Land Rover is taking it one step further, envisioning a self-driving future where we'll only own one part of a car -- the steering wheel. Presumably by 2040 we'll all have a detachable steering wheel that can dock in our homes, functioning as a personal assistant when not in use in a car. Think of it as a Siri-connected steering wheel.


Sayer is less of a steering wheel than it is a steering octagon. 

Jaguar Land Rover

Dubbed "Sayer," the AI-powered steering wheel can call up and attach itself to any car you'd like based on your scheduled tasks for the day. If you're helping a pal move, a truck arrives. Just a regular ol' commute? Watch your sedan roll up. It can handle stressful driving, but will still let you take control of the vehicle when the road turns fun.

Whether or not Sayer will actually become a reality has yet to be seen, but we'll get a look at the prototype in person at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in London, September 8-10, and the following week at the Frankfurt Motor Show.